CORRECTION - Re: [ca-liberty] Trump losing among young people – new poll has him behind not just Clinton but also Gary Johnson and Jill Stein!

Agree David with everything you say about Hillary Clinton, although Benghazi doesn't strike me as being such a big deal compared with the Obama administration and Bush administrations killing civilians in drone strikes), because I don't believe a life is worth more just because there are U.S. government papers associated with it. I also personally believe the Clintons have knowledge if not direct involvement with mafia style hits on people. There is a lengthy list of people associated with them who've died in mysterious circumstances.

  Trump definitely has a record of duplicity though. His own ghost writer, Tony _____ (don't recall his last name offhand) who wrote "The Art of the Deal" with him reportedly said Trump is a habitual liar. As for lawlessness, he wants to violate the Constitution to the detriment of 11 million people and their family members by kicking them out of the country. Congress authorizes Congress to regulate naturalization (the process of becoming a citizen), not immigration (who can enter the country) except for banning the importation of slaves after 1808.

  Basically what Aaron said though:

If either of them wins because I voted for the best option, that's due to the stupidity of everyone else, not me.

  Everyone should vote their conscience for the best choice, not try to "game the system" by basing their vote on how they expect other people to vote or who is getting media coverage.

Love & Liberty,
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