CORRECTED MOTION - Standing resolution to improve ExCom email communication and voting procedures


  I am aware that a standing resolution of the Executive Committee does not change the bylaws. I said that in my last message. The 120 hours mentioned in the bylaws after which email voting concludes (in cases where the outcome of a vote has not already been determined by the votes cast) begin "from the transmission time of the mail ballot", not from the time a motion is made. The resolution I am proposing would allow 72 hours time for discussion and public input "before voting commences" (i.e. before the Secretary transmits the ballot for a vote and starts the 120 hour clock ticking).

  You are technically correct that a motion itself is not a resolution. I was simply trying to make clear that the resolution comprises the full *contents* of the proposal I moved, as it appeared to me from your reference to "48 hours" that you might be under the impression that the Bylaw 12, Section 4 language was part of my proposal. I see now that was not what you meant, and apologize for the misunderstanding.

Love & Liberty,
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