convention rates - I vote "NO"


  Thank you for your response. Actually I was once on the LPC ExCom a number of years ago, but I'm not faulting you for not knowing that.

  I'm not confused about the committee's operating procedures. The fact that committee members are apparently not required to make motions publicly, and that at least some members appear to be unwilling to do so in the absence of a formal rule requiring it, is precisely the problem I was pointing out.

  It's tough not to wonder about people's motives, or fair dealing, when they don't return your messages and simply ignore valid concerns that are raised rather than addressing them. I do commend you for responding in this instance however, and hope it represents the start of a healthier dialogue and exchange of views among committee members on issues about which there may be disagreements.

  Do you object to Executive Committee members being required to send their motions and seconds to the whole committee as a matter of open governance, and then having some time to discuss them? If so, I am interested to hear your objection(s).

  If we all share our views frankly and discuss them openly, perhaps we can come to a consensus. If not, then we can have a vote or votes which clearly identify where each committee member stands. I consider that to be "discharg(ing) our duties for the party in a a constructive, professional manner that moves liberty forward", and feel our members deserve no less. Hope you feel the same.

  Will you withdraw your motion on approving the convention rates you've posted until people have time to ask questions about them and discuss the issue?

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))