Constitution Day Sep 17 - Social/Party for LPSF?

I shouted at the people sitting next to me and they shouted at me.

Okay, on that note, as I was walking to/from Whole Foods the other
night, I noticed that the Thai restaurant in Museum Parc has a full bar,
and it at least looks more sedate than Thirsty Bear, though my peanut
allergy has put it sort of low on my list for dinner. Kai and I have
been there something like twice in seven years, and both times I ordered
the one thing without peanuts. :slight_smile:

The Canton Dim Sum restaurant also has a full bar though not a full time
bartender. But I'm sure they'd give us that entire corner where the bar
is and just let us order drinks from the wait staff. And if anyone else
has ideas for bar/restaurants (needs to be bar for Drinking aspect of
Drinking Freely, but also being a restaurant means that it's not
restricted to age 21+. I'm not insisting on it staying in my
neighborhood -- it's just that these are the places I know of, because I
walk past them so much.

If we can find a place that will get more activists to attend every
month, I'm all for it. (Changing the night of the week is also an
option, as I know Jeremy prefers to go to (and I ought to go to because
of my leadership role there) SF Debate, which is hosted by Inforum at
the Commonwealth Club every Tuesday night. I just want us to get our
LPSF regulars to attend DF, and hopefully that will get the DF regulars
to become more involved in LPSF, when I'm not the only common
denominator. DF and LPSF shouldn't be two entirely separate groups.

Rob wrote:


Thai Stick on O'Farrell bet. Van Ness and Polk is a (usually) empty
restaurant which serves alcohol.

We (Ron Paul supporters) held a large successful gathering there the
night of the primaries. Only a few of their items have peanuts as an

Warm regards, Michael