Congressman Ron Paul the Ally of Traditional Values Coalition And Louis Sheldon???

Dear Dr. Mike;

Admirable suggestion - go ahead - you first - as I do not believe anybody at his headquarters or even if I were to talk to Ron Paul himself could rationalize being publicly and apparently willingly toted as a supporter of Rev. Louis Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition and acknowledging their endorsement.

And another totem goes down - okay whose the next stalwart to go - although a party which brings on Bob Barr in a leadership position has somequestionable values as well - at the top - and what direction are they going to drag the Libertarian Party?

With the recent gutting of the platform and the Bob Barr thing and this about Ron Paul - maybe it is time to talk about a new Libertarian Party afterall.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


  I agree this is troubling. While I've realized Ron Paul isn't perfect, I have still tended to hold him up as the best member of Congress. Maybe he still is; the competition isn't exactly world class material.

  Of course he isn't a Libertarian and I don't think he was involved with the issues concerning Bob Barr or the platform, so we can't blame him for the state of the party. Unfortunately the problem with the party isn't just at the top, imho. Sad as it is, the gutting of the platform was supported by many ordinary LP members, while as far as I can tell the move to seat Bob Barr on the Libertarian National Committee originated with the LP leadership of a number of southeastern states rather than with the national office.

Love & liberty,
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