Congress Re-Opens Calls for Tribunals

CIA Director Leon Panetta's recent revelation of CIA wrongdoing under the Bush Regime has led for further calls from Congress to open tribunals. Though Obama seems resistant to the idea, preferring to follow precident, it has become increasingly apparent that Bush and gangsters committed crimes against the country too serious to be ignored.

While unclear what the nature of Panetta's allegations are at this point, former VP Cheney illegally ordered the CIA to carry out his plans.

As more and more of the Bushmen's crimes come to light, the pressure will be on Obama to bring these thugs to justice. Treason, Criminal Conspiracy, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity are not outside the realm of reasonable charges.

Hopefully, Congress will act with or without Obama's blessing. They have the constitutional authority to do so; and after 8 years of a near-dictatorial presidency, Congress needs to re-assert its constitutional mandates.

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