Confessions of a Vegan Libertarian

Vegan Potluck and Presentation by Dr. Michael Edelstein
Three Minute Therapy for Food Addictions
and Other Unhealthy Eating
This Sunday, October 24
6:00 PM Promptly
La Plaza Conference Room
4340 Redwood Highway, San Rafael
cost: a dish to share plus
$4 or $3 with a can for the food bank

We hope you can come share a vegan pot-luck dinner and hear a local therapist speak about overcoming food addictions and other unhealthy food habits on Sunday, October 24. Bring your friends who may be struggling with weight issues, diet issues or other emotional problems. (And please bring a plate, fork, and a serving utensil, too.)

Dr. Michael Edelstein is the co-author of Three Minute Therapy: Change Your
Thinking, Change Your Life, a book-of-the-month selection. He is past president of the Association of Behavior Cognitive Therapy and was supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. At our meeting he will discuss techniques on overcoming food and other addictions and will touch upon issues of anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional problems. Dr. Edelstein has been a vegetarian for 20 years (10 as a vegan). He presently practices in San Francisco and gives counseling in person by appointment or by telephone. He can be reached at 415-673-2848 or by E-mail at DrEdelstein@.... His website is

Directions: La Plaza: 4340 Redwood Highway, San Rafael (at the very back of the complex in the Conference Room).

Take Freitas Parkway/Terra Linda exit from Hwy. 101. Go to the EAST side of the freeway, and go NORTH on the frontage road (also called Redwood Highway). Pass the traffic light at Professional Parkway and continue one half mile on Redwood Highway to the second office complex on the right. Drive to the very back of the complex and look for the well lit conference room.

Hope to see you Sunday!

The Marin Vegetarian Education Group is a project of Veg News Network.


Know what it feels like. Being a libertarian and a Goddess-
worshipping Witch can be a bit of the same crossfire.

I'm an unreprepent carnivore, but the more I consider the issue the
more I come to agree with holistic health principles from a purely
practical standpoint... Dr. Edelstein, I am seriously considering
attending your workshop.

Jeanine Ring