Conference call on reaching out to the Left (Monday Feb. 27, 3pm PST)

I wanted to let those who may not be on the Libertarian Party's national email announcement list know I'll be the featured guest on a Libertarian Party conference call this Monday. The topic is:

How we can communicate libertarian values
to people who would otherwise become leftists.

  To be sent the info on how to call in Monday, and to find out about future conference calls in this series, email vip@....

  Everyone is welcome to call in with questions/comments, or just to listen. This is one in a series of such calls with members of the Libertarian Party's elected national leadership and staff. Here's a list of the previous calls so far, as provided to me by staff, and what kind of response they've gotten (I believe the extent and amount of time in advance that the calls have been promoted has varied, thus the variability in the numbers; on the number of callers, this has sometimes varied from the start to the end of the call).

January 24, 2017 Liberty Pledgers with Nicholas Sarwark 81 45
January 31, 2017 Welcome New Members with Caryn Ann Harlos 53 32
February 7, 2017 Elected Libertarians with Brett Bittner and Joshua Katz 152 40-50
February 15, 2017 Ballot Access with Bill Redpath and Bob Johnston 105 45-52
February 21, 2017 Growing Local and State Party with Andy Burns 194

  For those who may not know who some of these folks are, Nick Sarwark is the chair of the Libertarian Party; Caryn Ann Harlos and Brett Bittner are regional representative with me on the Libertarian National Committee; Joshua Katz and Bill Redpath are at-large representatives on the LNC; Bob Johnston and Andy Burns are national staffers (Bob is candidate & affiliate support specialist, Andy is state affiliate development specialist).

  You can also email me any questions for Monday's call, whether you can participate or not. I've already gotten a suggestion from one LP member – make purple the party's official color. What do you think? Hope you can join me for a stimulating discussion!

Love & Liberty,

                                  ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
                               (415) 625-FREE