Commissioner Meko on Power Exchange

H. understands that the regulations are not there to protect us, but to be used as a trungeon for the benefit of insiders.

And Jim Meko hates people naming the "war on fun" for what it is, because he himself is a significant part of the problem! When I was involved with the San Francisco Late Night Coalition, he tried to come across to us as reasonable, open to having dialogue and finding middle ground, but when push came to shove he was one of the most consistent crusaders seeking to tighten the screws on local nightlife. Now that the SFLNC isn't the grassroots force it was in its heyday, or perhaps simply that he's talking to h. and not to SFLNC members, he apparently feels free to say how he *really* feels about the group. The baseless (as far as I know) charges he makes below about the Late Night Coalition ("paid lobbyists" who "extort contributions from club owners as protection money") are the kind of things that get people sued. If h. does publish his comments, Meko better hope that John Woods and Terrance Allen believe in free speech as strongly as I do. If he makes it onto the Board of Supervisors, I predict the city's NIMBY problem will get much worse.

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