Combatting State Surveilllance

I'd love to discuss this--along with other subjects--in person with all interested LPSFers.

How about after our 13 June meeting at Mehfil Indian Restaurant near Rob's on the corner of Folsom and 2nd St.?

Is anyone interested?

Warm regards, Michael


  I wasn't too crazy about that restaurant -- seemed overpriced for what you get, compared with other Indian places. I'd be up for discussing the surveillance issue, but maybe there's another place we could meet?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

How about the Chinese restaurant on Rob's corner?

Warm regards, Michael

I'm not usually a huge fan of Chinese food, and if we end up getting food from there regularly as we did at the last meeting, I may get burned out, but I suppose I can tolerate it if there's nothing else convenient. 8) Personally I would prefer the Chevy's if people are willing to walk (it's a little further away, but in the same neighborhood, don't recall exactly where).

      ((( starchild )))


To make it most convenient for most people, I favor a place all will
tolerate, within a few blocks of Rob. Since I take it you vetoed
Mehfil, this leaves Canton Seafood on Rob's corner (655 Folsom).

I veto Chevy's since they usually have loud obtrusive music piped in,
wonderful for salsa dancing, but not for conversation requiring less
than a shouting effort.

Warm regards, Michael

I'm up for it on the 13th as well. Just let me know where


I'm not sure when we'll get to the restaurant, so I suggest you meet us a 5 PM at the LPSF meeting in Rob's building, 170 Hawthorne.

Knock on the large glass window to the left of the entrance, and someone will let you in. The LPSF meeting is on the other side of the window.

Warm regards, Michael