Collecting signatures for Phil's nominating petitions

Phil was able to get his previous nominating petitions faxed to me, so
we can see who is a reliable signer. Also, I have a zip code map ( ) and a fresh MS Access database of
registered voters, including a query of CD-8 Libertarians by zip code.
Here's what I've found:

94111: 10
94133: 61
94123: 70

Meanwhile, in 94114 (Castro) alone, there are 120. Perhaps Starchild
will have some luck in this neighborhood. Chris may want to split it
with him. The other three zip codes I mentioned may be good for Marcy,
Jeremy, myself, and anyone else who volunteers.

So, who is available to gather signatures on Saturday, and who is
available on Sunday? And at what time to we want to start each day?
And who wants to volunteer for what neighborhood?

If you are willing to let me know when you're volunteering and where you
want to gather signatures, I can send you names/addresses/phone numbers
so you can call in advance and ask if people will be home and willing to

I plan on making some calls on Friday evening. I think these advance
calls will help us save a fair amount of shoe leather this weekend.


Thank you Chris and all other volunteers. My dad is making progress. He is now walking with a walker and eating solid food. Backslides remain a constant threat, and so I remain.

Having the voice of Liberty in this nationally prominent campaign is important.

with much appreciation.


Is anyone available to go signature-gathering with me this
afternoon? I won't be here this weekend -- I have an overnight date
tonight and am as leaving tomorrow to go and speak at the prisoners'
rights rally in Coalinga (Richard Dozier is driving down, and could
possibly give anyone else a ride who would like to go; the rally is
on Sunday, we'll be getting a motel tomorrow night.)

      ((( starchild )))

Give me a call, and I can get some copies of the petition ready for
you. I can even meet you somewhere on Muni or whatever. Based on the
sheer number of registered Libertarians in 94114, I'm betting you're
well-liked in that neighborhood. :wink:


Chris, David, and I walked through the Castro this afternoon, and Chris
was able to collect 6 (plus his own). I wasn't able to get any (other
than my own). Marcy and I will be in the Marina district tomorrow from
1:00 on. If you'd like, you can join us, or you can specify another
neighborhood, and I can send you that list.

cell: 415-235-0462

Jeremy Linden wrote: