Coalition against flavored tobacco ban

The LPSF has been invited to join Let's Be Real SF, a coalition being organized to oppose the ban on flavored tobacco products including menthol cigarettes. My assumption is that the bulk of any funding and much of the group's direction would be coming from the tobacco industry, but feel that it's in any case a good cause worthy of Libertarian participation/support, and a chance to make connections and potentially gain allies on other issues.

  As I mentioned at our last meeting, an organizer, Ignacio Barragan, contacted and met with me after hearing my testimony against the ban at the Board of Supervisors meeting where the Supes reaffirmed their support for the measure. When we met, he told me about this coalition, and subsequently responded to some of my questions (see correspondence below), expressing a willingness to address any others we may have.

  I may be doing some paid work for the campaign, so will recuse myself from voting, but would like to encourage the officers (Aubrey, Francoise, Jawg) to vote on this by email, as Ignacio told me they're trying to get organized and bring community organizations on board sooner rather than later.

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   Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Sorry Françoise – I was thinking you were secretary, but on reflection am recalling that is Nick.

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Oops, forgot to include Ignacio's email with the form for joining Let's Be Real SF! (which, btw, I didn't receive at first because I wasn't getting emails sent to the "ViceChair" email address, but I believe Nick has now fixed that by updating our email settings so that emails sent to the officer addresses are going to the correct people).

  As Ignacio clarifies below, we aren't being asked to contribute money to the coalition, it's basically for the use of our name as opponents of the tobacco ban.

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Actually Aubrey did write a piece about it which is on the website (perhaps the newsletter too, I don't recall), back in July:

  But the item I was noting the need for a decision on is the invite/request for the LPSF to join the Let's Be Real SF coalition against the ban.

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Hi Starchild, Nick, and All. I'm slightly reluctant on this after my last
experience with the anti-sweetened beverage business group a few years ago
when that measure was on the ballot and we were the official opponent. The
guy I spoke with was awful, and the moment I expressed any doubt about
working with them, he went into a long. ugly rant against the LPSF, and
that was that. I'm OK with working with this new group as long as anything
with our name on it expresses a strong philosophical argument against the
ban, as well as the usual practical reasons for the ban being ineffective
and not stopping anyone from getting the product they want. As mentioned,
any advertising with our name on it will have to be reviewed by us first to
make sure it passes Libertarian mustard. I suppose our enemies will say
we're just supporting business interests and aligning with Big Tobacco, but
we have a pretty good track record with opposing Nanny State measures, so I
don't really care about what our opponents say. In the end, getting our
name out there will add more benefit than damage caused by what our
detractors say. I vote a hesitant YES on joining the coalition.


I completely forgot to bring this up at the meeting on Saturday, and I guess no one else remembered either. I need to get back to Ignacio – Nick, Jawg, are you okay with the LPSF being part of the coalition against the flavored tobacco ban?

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Thanks, Nick. I agree with you and Aubrey, and will definitely be seeking to ensure the campaign reflects a libertarian-friendly perspective in every manifestation, whether our name is explicitly mentioned on a piece or not. Jawg?

  By the way, you and Aubrey also should have gotten notes from Meetup that I added you as assistant organizers of the LPSF Meetup group as we discussed at the meeting. Also liked your re-working of the LPSF logo – can you send me a jpeg file of that? Undoubtedly we'll have other uses for it besides the website, although the old one may still be good to use in some cases uses too.

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