Closing In On Gary Nolan

Dear friends,

On the 23rd of January, began accepting donations online
for the presidential candidates. Except for the first several hours
(in which Gary was leading!), he was been in second place behind John
Kerry. That's two full weeks during which Libertarian Gary Nolan has
been leading Bush, Dean, Clark, and Edwards! From this, we have been
getting some good press coverage like the article in the Seattle Post.

However, Gary's contributions have slowed in recent days. Edwards and
Dean have been closing on second place. Please make your best
right now to help us keep our momentum and maintain the good press

Here's how to donate:

   1. Click here to display the pictures of all the candidates:

   2. Scroll down and click on Gary's link:

   3. Enter the amount of your donation ($5 - $200)

Gary is maintaining a VERY slim lead over John Edwards and Howard Dean
for second place in total dollars contributed at, and Dean
has actually pulled ahead in the total number of contributors.
President Bush in now participating and he's coming up fast. Here are
the standings as of 7:25AM Tuesday, February 10:

John Kerry $25,909.15 703
Gary Nolan $13,000.00 397
John Edwards $12,982.49 354
Howard Dean $12,429.65 431
Wesley Clark $11,144.22 382
George Bush $ 7,040.24 166
Dennis Kucinich $ 2,376.00 112
Michael Badnarik $ 1,606.00 77
Al Sharpton $ 970.00 39

Dean is almost certain to withdraw from the race after the Wisconsin
primary on February 17 if not before. We need your help right now to
stay ahead of Dean until he withdraws. This directly impacts
Libertarian credibility with the press, with the voters, and with
other donors. If you haven't already made the maximum primary season
contribution of $2000, please help now.

To display the pictures of all the candidates and begin the process,
click here:

The more money we raise, the more we can accomplish. Thanks to the
support of those of you who have already donated, we now have a media
professional working full time to generate "free" media coverage for
Gary's campaign. Our next goal -- advertising.

We want to begin an aggressive outreach advertising campaign as soon
as the Democratic race is over -- which could occur as early as next
Tuesday. Our goal is to spend more on outreach advertising BEFORE the
Libertarian National Convention than our last nominee spent AFTER the

We plan to start with radio. It costs virtually nothing to produce
radio ads, and Gary's got a GREAT radio voice. Plus, radio air time
is much less expensive than television, so we'll be able to purchase
the repetition we need to make an impact.

We'll use radio to test different ads and different messages, to
discover which ones are most effective at discovering new Libertarians
and getting them involved in the fight for liberty. Then, after Gary's
nomination, we'll expand into television. Overall, we expect to invest
at least a million dollars in outreach advertising over the course of
this campaign, and it could be a lot more if Gary's campaign really
takes off.

That's why we need your support right now. To stay ahead of the
Democratic pack at, and perhaps even catch up with Kerry.
keep our media professional busy generating "free" media. And to put
Gary on the air as soon as the Democratic race is over.

To find Gary's contribution page, click on the link below and scroll
down to Gary's picture:

With your continued support, we will make this the most visible and
successful Libertarian Presidential campaign ever, and get our party
growing again. Thank you.

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager
Gary Nolan for President

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