Civil Liberties Initiative

Let's post suggestions to the list. I'd like to see what people come up with, and discuss the ideas as a group. Here are a few possible topics for civil liberties initiatives that I think could appeal to significant portions of the left:

-a resolution against the PATRIOT Act
-a measure limiting police power or making police more accountable, etc.
-a pro-nightlife measure (e.g. make it easier for clubs to stay open 24 hours)
-a resolution against the war on drugs
-a pro-immigrant measure (e.g. eliminate enforcement against undocumented persons driving without a license, unlicensed day labor, etc.)
-repeal law making it illegal to sleep/live in your vehicle
-repeal laws restricting skateboarding, rollerblading
-repeal fees for amplified sound permits, other charges for free speech
-repeal health codes required for feeding the homeless
-a measure allowing bath houses to open again
-a measure deprioritizing enforcement of laws against prostitution and unlicensed massage
-a resolution against the use of torture, and supporting the application of Geneva Convention rights to all prisoners
-repeal the law against public nudity
-repeal the youth curfew laws

  As to *why* it would be good to pursue a civil liberties initiative that will appeal to the left, here are a few reasons:

-because a majority of San Francisco voters lean to the left; we want to speak their language
-because it will help us cultivate a reputation for the LP as being truly independent and a middle voice in a polarized society
-because it can help keep the Libertarian Party from falling into a vicious cycle of becoming more conservative, like a ship taking on water to starboard, until it sinks
-because *most* civil liberties issues would hold more appeal for leftists than for right-wingers; why a bias toward the exceptions?
-because issues such as those listed above stand on their libertarian merits as surely as does a payroll tax repeal, so why not?
-because some people might be turned on to freedom if we show its connection to things they see as positive social values (e.g. sexuality, nightlife, immigration, helping the homeless, etc.) and not just to things they see as negative social values (e.g. money and guns)
-because we need more artists, fiction writers, musicians, performers, energized young idealists, students, women, minorities, and creative people in the movement, and people in these categories tend to lean more to the left

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

Hi Ron,

I am wondering if you would like suggestions on the proposed civil
liberties initiative from the whole membership. If so, would you like
the suggestions to be on the lpsf activists list or made to your own
e-mail as Initiative Chair.

Thanks again for all the work you have done.



--- In, Ron Getty <tradergroupe@y...>
> Dear Starchild;
> What civil liberties issues are you proposing? Secondly, why the
stressed emphasis on appealing to the left in such issues? Civil
liberty issues do not of necessity have to of necessity left leaning
even in SF.
> However, what list of civil liberty issues would you propose to
be considered for discussion?
> Would these cover: Human rights? Ethic rights? Ethnic rights?
Moral rights? Sexual rights? Social rights? Religious rights?
> What are the issues we as Libertarians in SF could either sponsor
or co-sponsor which would highlight Libertarianism in SF and
spotlight the LPSF and attract voters to our LPSF cause and
membership in SF?
> Yes I did fully understand the point you were making at the
meeting. However, I and I am certain others would need some input
from yourself where you articulate the civil liberty issues and
provide some elucidation on what you would wish to have us consider
and why those issues.
> Then from that list of issues which I am certain after some good
sensible discussion we would winnow it down to a couple issues. Then
for some final solid discussion and bringing forth at the next LPSF
meeting for a vote of endorsement on the motion for the civil
liberties initiative.
> I am all ears awaiting your e-mail.
> Ron Getty
> SF Libertarian
> Starchild <sfdreamer@e...> wrote:
> Ron,
> I personally worked to oppose Proposition H, and am a strong
> of the right to keep and bear arms, but that's beside the point. A
> rights initiative is NOT the kind of measure that will appeal to
> people on the left. There are lots of different potential civil
> liberties issues we could take on which would fit the bill, but
this is
> not one of them. I thought you understood the point I was making at
> meeting today, but now I am not so sure.
> Yours in liberty,
> <<< Starchild >>>
> > Dear Everyone;
> >
> > At this afternoons LPSF meeting it was moved and seconded and
> > to consider a three initiative program. 2 economic issues -
> > the payroll tax repeal and the salary cap along with a civil
> > initiative. Here's one proposed civil liberties initiative.
> >
> > Both the Examiner and the Chronicle this week have had letters to
> > editor published about the SF hand gun ban and how opposed they
> > to this. Other letters have also been published in both
> > newspapers since the handgun ban was passed.
> >
> > While the court challenge is pending we could consider a a repeal
> > the handgun ban as a civil liberties issue as discussed at this
> > afternoons LPSF meeting.
> >
> > While we ourselves do not have to sponsor we certainly could be a
> > strong co-sponsor along with the Pink Pistols and the RKBA or
> > organization.
> >
> > The following is a sample proposed initiative written in the
> > so near and dear to everyone whoever placed an initiative on the
> > ballot with all the rhetorical hyberbole of the Chris Daly
> > anti-handgun proposition.
> >
> > Ron Getty
> > Chairman Tax Initiaitive Committee



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