City cracks down on business that employs and serves homeless

From the Residential Builders' Association:

Dear Everyone;

Hmmm. Seems like it could be someone may have turned down a request for a campaign contribution and a Supervisor to remain nameless is retaliating. Or maybe it's a prelude to condemning the business because the property will become to valuable to stay a junk recycler once the Third Street Rail Project is completed. Or it's the first step in a City eminent domain action for some un-named reason. Or a political payoff for some yet undiscovered under-handed smoke filled back-room mutual back-scratching deal.

The whole thing smells of political rats and hogs and dogs sniffing a feast and bellying up to the slops trough at the expense of Bay Area Metals.

Yee Hah! Ain't San Francisco Politics FUN!!!!!

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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From the Residential Builders' Association:

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Date: Mon Jan 10, 2005 9:49:49 AM US/Pacific
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Subject: Re: Hypocrisy at its finest, Maxwell at her best - A must
read, by Casey Mills


City Officials Waging War Against Blue-Collar Potrero Business by
Casey Mills 10.JAN.05

On Potrero Hill�s Third St., amidst the bustle of new light rail
construction, sits a small, inconspicuous business dubbed Bay Area
Metals (BAM). BAM recycles everything imaginable, from aluminum cans to
massive chunks of iron, and keeps 9 million pounds of materials out of
landfills every year. BAM also helps homeless people, not only by
providing them with income by paying them for recyclables, but by
employing them. BAM is exactly the type of business San Francisco needs
� so why are Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Maxwell trying to drive BAM
out of business?