City Attorney Dennis Herrera stonewalls sunshine inquiries, bills taxpayers for film junket / Michael Petrelis for Supervisor

Michael Petrelis is a candidate for Supervisor in District 8, and the one I'm currently supporting. He generally identifies as progressive, not libertarian, and has many of the economic positions that might be expected, but he's also a dedicated muckraker, questioner of authority, and thorn in the establishment's side. His ballot statement lists a number of specifics, some of which are quite good (see comments at bottom). He also writes in an email to me, "btw, i am against more nanny state laws so i'm opposed to the soda tax."

  But I'm mainly passing this along for the following commentary of more citywide interest which Petrelis posted on his Facebook page today about City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who has long non-impressed me as one of the SF's more statist elected officials.

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