Please consider two points here:

(1) If Cindy Sheehan comes to an LP Meeting to try to convince us NOT to
run a candidate, and we publicize the meeting properly, we'll get a huge
turnout, media exposure and potential recruitment. We get all this WITHOUT
committing to anything, but simply by being willing to listen.

(2) The LP doesn't run or support candidates for all elected offices
(hey, we didn't even come up with a candidate for the admittedly
non-partisan, but nonetheless extremely important, office of MAYOR). So,
frankly, I don't think it's the end of the world if we don't run a candidate
in the 8th CD race. If I were somehow convinced to support Sheehan (which
would be hard for me given her stands on other issues), I would propose the
following: if Cindy runs as a Green Candidate, the LP doesn't run a
candidate in the 8th CD and the Green Party doesn't run a candidate against
the LP in the 12th CD (which takes in most of the Sunset, part of Twin Peaks
and includes Milano's Pizzeria).

We Libertarians have very little traction here in the Bay Area or in most of
the United States. We need to figure out creative ways of working with
others to win on important issues, maximize our exposure and familiarize
others with our ideas. The Ron Paul campaign is a great example of this.
Teaming up with others to defeat Pelosi could be another.