Christina Tobin Petitions for S.O.S.

Hi Richard,

I may have missed posts regarding Chirstina's petitions, given my schedule right now! But I am wondering if you contacted Phil regarding your bringing a few petitions to Phil's party today. Although the purpose of the party is to address envelopes to Phil's District 8 voters, the party participants could sign Christina's petition, no?

Again, the party is at 557 Sanchez, and starts at 2:00 pm.



Unexpectedly, I was thrust into a situation in which I can't come today. I feel terrible about that. And I am sorry that I had not previously postally mailed Christina's petition to anyone else in the San Francisco Libertarian Party. But of course I will bring some to the next SFLP business meeting.

richard, I want to mail it soon, but the envelopes are still open, so
if you want to bring it I am at 557 Sanchez and if we can arrange a
time to stuff it in together, ...I mean the petition..., I can help.


And it won't cause the envelope to weigh more than one ounce, to add hers to your envelopes?? Thank you very much. I am at 415-922-9779. Call me when it's convenient so we can arrange a time. How many envelopes are there?