Choice quotes from the congressional debate

"When 9/11 happened, we should have immediately started to negotiate."
-Krissy Keefer

"That no taxes thing is a completely specious argument."
-Krissy Keefer (responding to Phil)

"In a democracy, you must have a right to choose, otherwise it's a dictatorship."
-Mike DeNunzio (in response to a question about abortion)

"I know what I'm going to say is controversial, because it leads to more laws..."
-Krissy Keefer

"I'm glad we have a president who signed that."
-Mike DeNunzio (referring to the Military Commissions Act that violates habeus corpus)

"I think Philip illuminated where society is coming from a lot."
-Krissy Keefer (on the topic of drugs)

"It took its mission from someone who walked down from Mount Sinai 4,000 years ago... 'let my people go' has been the spirit of the Republican Party."
-Mike DeNunzio

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I suspect that what DeNunzio was trying to get at was that he is "pro-choice" in that he believes in choosing via elections in a democracy, that the term "pro-choice" shouldn't just apply to abortion. That's a valid point, but I think he just put his foot in his mouth the way he tried to articulate it. [ I admit I heckled him a bit from the audience, which didn't seem to help his composure. 8) ] It was a kind of boneheaded point for a Republican to try making when debating a libertarian anyway, because the GOP is anti-choice on all kinds of issues. After he said that, he then proceeded to equivocate on the abortion issue -- I don't remember his exact remarks, but basically something to the effect that Roe v. Wade was settled law and not under attack.

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