[ChickensCoupe] OT

Rob, tonight I went with Kevin T to the Marin Lp meeting. great fun. I
recommend that we all do more cross polinating.

Anyway on this topic Kevin cameover andI showed my tulip youtube on my
website. He showed me that only364 views have been done, and I
immediatly cameup with the idea of an LPCA youtube channel. I have
already asked my friend mike how to make a channel. Once I get it
done, can you get a link to it on the Calp website. Kevin said that
you were the guy to ask.
Then we can have a place to showcase the youtubes doone all over the
state. I learned that the Marin guys are working on some.

Unfortunately, I'm not getting any cooperation from the state party on
electronic communications issues. I pushed through a vote at our last
state ExCom meeting to create a committee to look at these things, but
when it came time to form the committee, the only person who accepted my
invitation was Dan Minkoff, and his only concern is how easily he'll be
able to post new entries for Libertarian Perspective (basically the
easiest concern for my Joomla CMS proposal to address). Nobody else
responded, even though they were all clamoring for me to make the
committee inclusive of everyone who had a stake in electronic

I'm afraid we're all on our own, despite what Kevin told you. Perhaps
we should start with an LPSF YouTube channel?


Philip Berg wrote:

I've created a YouTube group for LPSF:


and an account (which is where channel names come from) called
SFLibertarians (which is tied to the LPSF Chair email account, so it can
be passed on to future officers of LPSF).

Now the tough part -- creating the content. I'll check with the film
students we've had contact with via Drinking Freely. I'm as good as
anyone else at digital file conversion and stuff, so we don't need
technical help. What we need is creative help, since I really have no
ideas for live-action video. Maybe for the first one (which would
become our "group icon" on YouTube), we take still images of our poster
and have people record voice-overs for each frame? And have them all
say in unison "Who will stand up for our rights?" And then at the next
meeting we video record our group shouting "We Will." But as for live
video with real people, we really need help from those with more film
making experience.


Philip Berg wrote:


  Excellent! There is lots of libertarian video content out there
which we could post on our channel (including pro-freedom SF politics
stuff recorded by activists with groups like SWOP), but I agree it
would be good to have some original content that we create. I think
your idea for creating video content around the poster is terrific.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))