Chicago Links Street Cameras to 911

Dear All;

A chilling story - Big Brother 1984 wise -
from the NY Times on how Chicago is
linking its street surveillance video cameras
to 911. And with enhanced audio could
be used to listen in on conversations.
Free speech - yeah right. Big Brother is
watching and listening!!

Of course it could be like San Francisco
where at the cost of several millon video
cameras were set up in hot spot neighborhoods
but the images turned out grainy and were
useless and then people noticed there was
no one to review the videos. DOH! Some
crime stopper but great waste of taxpayers
money to politically wired installation company. [www_nytimes_com]

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Remember when the jackboots used 'terrorism' as a pretext to smash
dissent at the RNC convention? Here's the followup:

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