Chesa Boudin challenges top recall donor William Oberndorf to debate

Under fire from not just the San Francisco police union and local "law and order” lobby but people who want to roll back criminal justice and police abuse reform nationallyl in the upcoming June recall election, SF district attorney Chesa Boudin is fighting back with a challenge to debate the Republican who has spent nearly $1 million to try to get him removed from office. See news below!

Boudin campaign volunteers are phone-banking Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, and precinct walking every weekend. Please visit if you can volunteer some time to help the pro-civil-liberties DA who was elected with LPSF support. Or click one of the links below to donate to his campaign. I have extra window signs if anyone wants one or more – call any time and let me know and I can arrange to get you one or more. (I’ve got two and a half in my windows, and one on my bicycle for good visibility while riding around town!)

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From: “Chesa Boudin”
Subject: [WATCH] I just challenged William Oberndorf to a debate
Date: April 14, 2022 at 9:47:44 AM PDT

Yesterday, I shared with you that William Oberndorf just contributed an additional $49,000 to the recall effort.

Then, last night, I went on KTVU FOX 2 to publicly challenge Oberndorf to a debate on the future of San Francisco. Take a look:
Recalls are very different from normal elections. Recalls aren’t about debates between candidates sharing competing visions for the future. They’re about who can spend enough money to qualify something for the ballot.

In this case, William Oberndorf, a Republican and MAJOR Mitch McConnell contributor, has spent nearly $1 million to qualify this recall for the ballot.

San Franciscans deserve to know what his agenda is. That’s why I challenged him to a debate.

Starchild, the people of San Francisco deserve to know William Oberndorf’s vision for public safety. Does he support the death penalty? What about child incarceration? How about ending sanctuary cities for our immigrant communities?

We deserve to know.

With less than 8 weeks until Election Day, Oberndorf’s cash could be enough win the race – so we set a goal of raising $49,000 by our upcoming filing on April 23 to match his most recent contribution.

I have to ask: Will you donate now to help us reach that goal?
Oberndorf thinks this city is for sale – let’s show him it’s not.

Thank you,

Chesa Boudin
District Attorney, San Francisco

Chesa Boudin was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2019 to reform our criminal justice system. Now, right-wingers want to reverse our progress and return our city to a time when innocent people were locked away and police acted with impunity.

Please chip in today to keep up the fight to reform San Francisco’s criminal justice system.

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