Chelsea Manning & Arvin Vohra / New LPSF officers / 1000 Robot March?

Her name came up at our meeting today, before I heard this news: Confirming media speculation, she has tweeted and released a campaign video announcing she is running for Senate as a Democrat in Maryland:

  Interestingly, one of her opponents for that seat is none other than another person whose name came up at our meeting yesterday – Libertarian Party vice chair Arvin Vohra:

  We had a good turnout for the meeting, by the way, and people liked the space and potluck with drinks, so we're going to make Phil Berg's apartment our regular meeting place until further notice – Fox Plaza Apartments, 1390 Market Street @Polk, #2910.

  Among other business, we elected new officers – outgoing chair Aubrey Freedman, who got a round of applause for his great job as chair for the past many years, will be our new secretary pending his move (next year?) to New Hampshire; current secretary and continuing webmaster Nick Smith is our new chair, and Rebecca Lau is our new vice-chair. Jawg Greenwald will continue as treasurer, with the understanding that former treasurer Les Mangus will be helping her out in that capacity.

  In discussing our plans for an annual event this Spring, on the possible topic of automation I raised the potential idea of organizing a "1000 Robots March", to among other things protest the Board of Supervisors criminalizing delivery robots. I think such an event would have the potential to attract a lot of media notice (and thus visibility for the LPSF). I envision a fun, light-hearted event featuring everything from people wearing C3PO costumes, to drones, to remote-controlled toy cars, to Roombas, to self-driving actual cars, to human-scale mobile robots. I think companies manufacturing robots, or wishing to use them in their business plans, as well as sci-fi fans, libertarians, Robot Wars fans, drone hobbyists, and others could all be potentially amenable to sponsoring or participating. I can imagine participants carrying signs referring to Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics, humorous movie references, broadcasting the amplified voices of Siri and Alexa, and so on. If fewer than 1,000 "robots" (including people dressed as robots) are visible, we could joke that there may be lots of nano-bots participating, you just can't see them. :wink:

  Anyway, am interested in hearing thoughts and feedback on this, and whether anyone knows people (not necessarily just libertarians) or groups that would support the idea of a robot protest, and/or participate.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Great idea Starchild....and again, thank you Aubrey, Jawg and Les. Welcome Nick and Rebecca. Looking forward to working with you.