Who would be interested in trying a Wednesday night political chat at Baghdad
Cafe (on Market St, between the Castro and Church MUNI stations)? We tried
the chat there one Monday night a couple of months ago, and though we only had
4 people, everyone seemed to like the place.


On November 3, you notified us that the PARK, RECREATION AND OPEN SPACE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (PROSAC) will discuss acquisition of 701 Lombard at a meeting on Wednesday evening, November 5. This was confirmed at http://www.sfgov.org/site/recpark_page.asp?id=20290.

Since I have already spent a lot of time fighting this eminent domain and plan to attend the next Board of Supervisors meeting to fight it some more, I wouldn't feel too guilty about skipping this PROSAC meeting to discuss political philosophy, but maybe we should postpone the chat to avoid tempting those of us who might otherwise attend the meeting and do some activism.


Good point.

I'd thought PROSAC was a day meeting, and that my work schedule would keep me
from attending it, so I just sent my email to the PROSAC chair and moved on.
I still personally can't attend that meeting, since it starts at 6:30, and I'm
usually racing to make it to 7:00 chats -- usually several minutes late, too.
But others who work in the City should be able to make the 6:30 meeting.

Let's not do the chat this week.

Thanks for catching my scheduling conflict, Kelly.

The PROSAC agenda (http://www.sfgov.org/site/recpark_page.asp?id=20290) says that acquisition of 701 Lombard will be discussed from 8:00 to 8:30. It also says that the Committee Chair will call on public comment after each agenda item. (The public comment near the beginning of the meeting is for issues not on the agenda.) The agenda item before 701 Lombard is scheduled to end at 7:30, and the meeting is scheduled to end at 8:30, so the comment period for 701 Lombard may be between 7:30 and 8:00. If they allow everyone who wants to speak to speak, the comments will probably go on for much longer than half an hour, even though comments at this meeting will be limited to one minute. (The usual time allowed is three minutes.)

I'll probably go to the meeting about 7:30. If anyone else goes, maybe we can go someplace for a chat afterward. I would love to have a discussion about eminent domain in particular and property rules in general.

The meeting place is 6101 Fulton Street, at 37th Avenue. Does anyone know of a cafe near there?