[CfER Core] URGENT: SF Chronicle has internet poll on RCV and RCV is LOSING

Now ahead by three votes.

Warm regards, Michael


  I agree with you that Ranked Choice Voting is a positive, albeit
minor, step in the right direction. It's certainly no panacea, and
I've seen persuasive arguments that range voting would be a better
system -- certainly proportional representation would be much better
-- but if it's what we can get now, we should take it, and keep
pressing for further voting reforms.

  The problem with Chris Daly wasn't that he got arrested. In this
world of too many bad laws, getting arrested for non-compliance is
often a good and noble thing. The problem is what he was arrested
*for* -- trespassing and refusing to leave while protesting a
development he didn't like on private property.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

P.S. - In the poll at SFGate.com, the votes now (as of 1135pm) stand
at 48% to 42% in favor of RCV.