CDC Not Manipulating Death Toll

Neither. Hospitals can treat a patient and charge them for COVID-19 care without them having a death certificate.

Of course government subsidizing COVID-19 care and not influenza care will result in more hospitals assuming COVID-19. Almost all people admitted to the ICU would be tested for COVID-19, so it wouldn’t really affect the numbers.

Dr. Jensen (in the YouTube video below) is incorrect to say that if someone gets hit by a bus, then they will be listed as a COVID-19 death if they test positive. Someone hit by a bus would not be tested. A COVID-19 cause of death would not be appropriate according to the CDC guideline.

Also in the YouTube video, Dr. Jensen was asked 2x about “why is it wrong to tell doctors to use their best judgement about the cause of death,” and he nonspecifically answered, “it’s ridiculous!” [at 1:48 and 3:23].