Carson is victim of 'electronic lynching'

I kinda like his Holy Bible comment, solely under freedom of speech.
Also, I respect, these varied/crazy stances candidates are revealing. I am learning a lot about how others feel and want of the government. appreciate political upfrontness. Many of the ideas shock me, but, I take it all as food for thought; as I observe many at political rallies cheer Donald Trump on!
The way of the candidate appears to be changing.

A man with a wife and two kids who makes $15,000 a year will have to pay
$1500 in taxes under Ben Carson's plan.

Right now he not only pays nothing but he gets money from the government.
This is because he gets Earned Income Credit and Additional Child Credit.

A single man who makes $1,500,000 per year will pay $150,000 under Ben
Carson's plan.This is far less than he is paying now.

This is the reason that only the rich people favor a flat tax. The poor
people cannot afford it.

Sam Sloan

That's a good point, Sam. I think a flat tax plan should include a floor under which income is not taxed, like the first $20k or $30k or something is tax-free. I know there have been flat tax proposals of that sort; if Ben Carson's plan fails to include such a provision, then it is definitely regressive.

  Of course I would only support any type of flat tax under the current system as an interim measure at best, until coercive taxation can be abolished completely. The only fair tax is a voluntary tax.

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

The main problem Ben Carson will have is he said he had dinner with General
Westmoreland and General Westmoreland offered him a Scholarship to West

I have ordered his book and I am waiting for it to arrive to find out what
he said exactly.

Now he is backing down to say he met some general and is not sure what his
name was or what was offered.

I think you are to young to know who General Westmoreland was. He was the
main hero or villain of the War in Vietnam. Meeting him was a big deal. It
is impossible that he would have met him and confused him with some other
obscure person.

Sam Sloan