"Carpe diem"

On Newsomecomer!
I been constantly asked how did I know he'd fall. I knew because campaigning is serious. So I studied the subject and as Willie's heir apparent (ethnically speaking), I intend to dismantle his regime. He was the first call I made. Rightfully my hero couldn't change horses. I love Willie, but the New York Tweed Coat, Daly Chicago Democratic Machine mentality robbed us of the freedom to be part and partial of the decision making. Therefore the California House Speaker Emeritus time has past. Happy grazing Sir.

Much is being set in place to assure that the olden days are gone. This constituency will have representatives of us. Not consultant manufactured 'ro/go-bots'.

Yes Ron I had delays. Purposely, because I couldn't and don't want to, manage the Mayor's dismantling. I rather err on the side of patience. God it was hard and now time is in my favor. As the smoke clears portions of my platform will surface. Which is what I'll run on. I'm not running against "Newsomecomer" I'm running for Mayor and will not raise my contenders issues.

To my fellow freedom candidates, I insist you campaign on sound strategies. Politics are issues/sound bites, but campaigning is for real work. Battle on both fronts. Freedom is at stake so its time to win some races.

Everything's going as well as planned. I know its bothersome not knowing my plans. All I reveal is my goals. I too damn private which makes help difficult. I wait to see where others line up and choose those that don't.

The IMU time is now. As I build it I know "they" will come!

IMU for Mayor

DuPree for Mayor '08

DuPree Consults"we get results"