Caravan for Justice puts Sacramento on notice


  Congratulations on this event! I would be interested in attending and speaking at the next Caravan for Justice that takes place. I want to see us have a government based on Non-Aggression, where no one is incarcerated for victimless "crimes" like drug use, failure to pay extortion money to the government (i.e. taxes), prostitution, drug sales, hanging out (i.e. "loitering"), sleeping in public, peacefully selling stuff without permission (failure to pay government for a business license, sales license, etc.), self-defense (carrying a weapon), etc.!

  By the way, have you seen this terrific animated video on liberty? We are trying to get the word out about it, so people will understand the philosophical basis of their fundamental rights not to be oppressed, whether for skin color or any other reason.

Power to the People!

        ((( starchild )))
Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco

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