Canvassing This Week-End October 14?

Hi All! We will again be canvassing for Gary Johnson this Sunday (Saturday is too busy for me), so anyone who can help out for an hour or two, please join us. We've done 1,000 homes so far, and we will have 3,000 done by election time. It's easy to do and even kind of fun! Marcy and I put out between 200 and 250 last week-end so quickly that we couldn't believe we ran out of packets so quickly. I'm completely flexible on time and location.


Hi Mike and Marcy! How about 1'ish tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at Marcy's? I'm thinking flat terrain for you guys. Plus Parkmerced was quite easy to do last week-end, and we were done in no time at all. This time we can just head off in a different direction. We'll do 500 houses/apartments this week-end.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately I have to bail on you two…some family stuff just materialized. I have Gary Johnson signs if you need some. Can probably get them to you this week.


Hi Aubrey,

See you on Sunday around one.

Parkmerced is super easy to canvass because it is flat and most of the door knobs are in reach as you are zooming by. Also, there are a lot of S.F. State students in Parkmerced, and young people should be our prime target audience.

Now for a possible 2nd target audience, especially in the case of Aubrey's flyers regarding Plan Bay Area -- homeowners! Folks who work/worked hard, enjoy their nice neighborhoods, and would prefer that eminent domain courtesy of the Housing Trust and other Plan Bay Area boondoggles did not come calling. Whether this audience would be comfortable with laid-back Gary, in lieu of programmed Mitt, I don't know. They should, because it is Gary who would be most likely to protect their private property rights. If we can think of a neighborhood with high ownership, and a way to leave a door hanger without invading two miles of front lawn to get to the door, we might want to try it. Some neighborhoods have a lot a homes with gated entryways right by the sidewalk, for instance.


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