I don't recall, does the LPSF own a booth canopy, or were we just
borrowing from East Bay LP or Outright? I ask because they're on sale
at Big 5 Sporting Goods (1533 Sloat Blvd. in Lakeshore Plaza, out in
the avenues) for 15%-50% off through Sept. 17 (regular prices $79.99
to $179.99, now $67.99 to $125.99).

  For anyone who doesn't know what a "canopy" is, here's a site with a

Love & Liberty,
                                      ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Thanks for the post. LPSF borrowed East Bay's canopy for several years, then Rob bought us a canopy, which we unfortunately accidentally destroyed at the last Pride. So, a canopy is on LPSF's list of stuff to purchase if LPSF plans to participate in future Pride and other venues where a canopy is essential equipment.

It would be good if someone with a house (as opposed with a small apartment like me) would volunteer to purchase and store a canopy for the LPSF (to be reimbursed for the purchase, since LPSF already approved the purchase at one of the meetings).

And speaking of Pride, believe it or not, the application for a booth at next year's Pride is already out, and I will have that on the Agenda for next LPSF meeting.

Thanks for letting us know about the sale, Starchild.


Hi Marcy! I will go take a look at the canopies available on Saturday and most likely purchase and store one in my basement for the LPSF. It will be my donation to the LPSF for the canopy mishaps on Pride Weekend. I'll look for a nice simple one that isn't such a hassle to put up and take down, as that one man at Pride recommended to us. Will advise when this is done. Thanks, Starchild, for noticing the sale.

By the way, I called the Department of Elections about the date when voting by mail starts, so that we have a good guideline for when the postcards must be out in the mail. I was told it's October 10, so we will stick with the original goal of having everything done and mailed by the end of this month.