Candidates' status

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The Sec'y of State has released a status report at <URL: >.

Keep in mind that this is not final for federal candidates, and that state
candidates could still be removed for failure to collect nominating
signatures. However, for the state candidates, this is the *most* that
could be running.

State Senate, 3rd district:
Davy Jones, Democrat
Carole Migden, Democrat
David Rhodes, Libertarian
Ian J. Grimes, Peace & Freedom
Andrew Denis Felder, Republican

State Assembly, 12th district:
Leland Yee, Democrat (inc)
Christopher Maden, Libertarian
Howard Epstein, Republican

State Assembly, 13th district:
Mark Leno, Democrat (inc)
Jonathan Marvin, Libertarian
Colin V. Gallagher, Republican
Gail E. Neira, Republican

In the other offices:

There are twenty presidential candidates; Bush is the only Republican, with
Nolan and Badnarik as Libertarians, and one American Independent, ten
Democrats, three Greens, and three Peace & Freedom candidates.

The only Senate candidates thus far declared are Lightfoot, Gray, Marsha
Feinland (P&F), and James Stewart (Republican).

No candidates for Congress in the 8th are declared, nor any in the 12th
except Patricia Gray, Green (which implies that Barry Hermanson has dropped
his candidacy; I ran into him at the DoE on Wednesday, and he said the two
of them were working it out).

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