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  David Onek has the support of a long list of law enforcement
officials (see, including the
California Police Chiefs Association (I think police chiefs are about
as statist a group as you'll find; unlike rank and file officers, they
tend to not even support RKBA) and this makes me mistrust his agenda.

  Admittedly Onek also has the support of a long list of liberal
establishment folks, which means he's probably a shoe-in. Although I
don't see either Jeff Adachi and David Campos, the two local elected
officials I would probably trust most on police issues, on the list.
Then again, I see he is supported by people like our friend Mesha
Monge-Irrizary, the police accountability activist, and someone with
the Drug Policy Alliance.

  All I can say is that it appears certain that *some* of his
supporters are likely to feel betrayed by his actions as D.A., and not
knowing which ones will get the shaft should give us pause.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

I know, difficult choice! I spent all morning picking my choices not because they were all so good!