Candidate Debate 12th Congressional District" is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 25 at 7:00PM! (South SF)

Mike Moloney, a libertarian-leaning candidate for Congress, will be in a debate tomorrow. He's currently running as a Republican, but has run as a Libertarian in the past. Is there an actual Libertarian in this race as well? I have a car right now, so could drive others from SF. It's definitely makes a difference at these things for supporters to turn out, especially if the format allows applause or questions from the audience, but even if not it is a real morale-booster for the candidate. Doesn't matter if you're in the district or not. Could also be a good chance to tell media people present about Nancy Pelosi's history of not engaging in similar debates (our Phil Berg will be running against the house speaker).

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The correct time and address appears to be:

6:00 PM !

SSF Municipal Services Bldg
City Council Chambers
33 Arroyo DRIVE
South San Francisco CA 94080


(Whoever wrote "city hall" and "off of Grand" confused two buildings)

Thanks, Harland. Just saw your post after sending out a correction to the information I'd forwarded, which someone else also noticed had the wrong time. Thanks for catching the address error too.
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