Can You Help?

Given the problems we've had with Yahoo Groups in the past year (it's not
just Michael), I'm wondering if we should consider using Google Groups

I'm already planning to do a Google Apps installation for for
calendaring and collaborative documents, since it's fairly painless with our
Siteground web hosting and beats the heck out of us passing around CD-Rs
amongst the officers and committee chairs.


Hmmmm - must think on that one - then we put on discussion for the Saturday March 13 LPSF meeting when you and actually most of us should be at LPSF meeting.

Ron Getty


I'm 200% in favor of switching to Google Groups. Thank you for considering

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Rob,

Are we sure the problems are Yahoo problems and not "that's the way it is" problems. Has anyone had a long-term relation with Google, such as we have had with Yahoo, to state with assurance that the problems you are referring to are due to Yahoo's incompetence?

Regarding Michael E., the way I understand it, his ThreeMinuteTheraphy account was compromised, and Yahoo did the right thing canceling it. I doubt that Yahoo can/will/should re-establish that same account. As I indicated in my previous e-mail Michael has two accounts that look functional in the Discussion and in the Activist lists, but they are not the ThreeMinute ones. Could Michael use those accounts?