Campaign for Liberty/Fed Rally

Dear All,

Starchild and I attended the Campaign for Liberty meeting tonight,
where the main topic of discussion was the End the Fed Rally on
Saturday, November 22. This promises to be a significant event, given
that there will be not only the Rally, but also a march (Fed Building
10 am to Union Square and back to the Fed), and speakers (Anthony
Gregory among them, who is one of the best libertarian speakers
around). If you cannot make to the march, please try to come to hear
the speakers. As I understand it, the speakers will speak in front of
the Fed building at noon.

Regarding the Campaign for Liberty, this is the old Ron Paul Meetup
Group with a new name and a new objective: speak up for liberty, the
Constitution, free markets. The group's leadership is in the process
of formulating objectives. Both Starchild and I are suggesting an
issues-oriented thrust, where groups, regardless of party affiliation
can put the "Ron Paul-type" message out. Please consider joining the
group as one more way to spread the libertarian message.