The Board of Sups will be voting on wither to criminalize sleeping in public spaces.
Since the entire welfare apparatus of Federal , State, and local government has failed them, it is time for the government to get out of the way, and allow the homeless some freedom.
As Starchild noted a few days ago, the homeless are locked out of opportunity.

Let the board of Sups prove to us that they are not part of the problem.

Give the homeless Freedom, not Jail.

The "Get Out of Jail Free Card" or Freedom Card, would allow all homeless people who accept it, to opt out of all restrictions that limit their housing, employment, or transportation opportunities and do not inflict harm on others.

A homeless person with a
GOJF card could braid hair without a license, sell hotdogs in from of Bart, or drive any vehicle and pick up paying passengers.

A homeless person with a freedom card would be free to run a small lottery.employing other freedom card holders.

Freedom card holders can do any job, anyplace, with no taxes, and no paperwork. The Freedom card holders will still enjoy the protection of the common law.

Tens of thousands of apartments are empty due to Ellis act restrictions. A homeless person who has chosen Freedom Card, can choose to rent one of those apartments without any obligation accruing to the landlord beyond those specified in the lease.

Housing may be built or renovated for the use of freedom card holders that is exempt from any zoning restriction

The housing owners will be subject to liability for conditions that prove to be unsafe to neighbors or rescue personnel, but will be free from prior restraint by code..

Compassionate people who choose to provide health care to freedom card holders will be relieved from any prior restraint on practices.

Homeless persons who choose to carry the freedom card will still enjoy the full protections of the common law,and the enforcement of any contracts they make.

Help in making this proposal digestible and attractive would be appreciated.

Are there any artists who would help me make a Freedom for the Homeless manifesto, with Wherases ettc.

and a great big model Homeless Freedom Card.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lets do this.


Great Idea....greetings from Richmond Virginia.