Call the Department of Justice Stop from taking over

Call the Department of Justice Stop from taking over

It has just been announced that is taking over

This must be stopped, because has already gobbled up
several other free Internet websites and has converted them to
pay-only websites or has closed them down altogether. For example the
immensely valuable Social Security Death Index was bought by and has since disappeared. has already taken over, and

By the way, is a Mormon website based in Utah with a
connection to a certain presidential candidate, in case you have not

Monopoly laws such as the Sherman Anti-Trust Act should be examined to
see if they can apply to one Internet based company taking over
another Internet based company. is based in San Francisco and primarily scans public
domain works published before 1923 and makes them available for
Internet downloading. I used them recently to reprint the 1907 book
“Struggle” by World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker. Although the book
can still be downloaded free of charge from many people
do not like to read books online and thus have bought my reprint where
they can flip through the pages. If the takeover by is
successful, based on their track record, these resources will no
longer be available to the public.

The Real Sam Sloan