Call from a USF student writing about Proposition C / Really small, involuntary housing

Yes, I don't want government involved in housing either, but I also think giving poor people Jim Reid type homes would do more for them than the current wasteful and dehumanizing government programs.

  I certainly share the concerns about Plan Bay Area and people being involuntarily packed into small, dense housing. And if we are concerned about that, we should be even more concerned about how something even worse than this is already happening to some people NOW.

  I don't mean the 220 square foot homes Scott Wiener wants to make legal (of course they should be legal), but the people being held in even tinier jail cells in SF County Jail and elsewhere, the MAJORITY of whom have NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME.

  As the MUST-READ cover story in this past week's SF Weekly describes, they are generally there because they are too poor to make bail (see ). Some of them, of course, have not even been *accused* of anything that should be illegal (drugs, prostitution, possessing a firearm, violating wrongful parole requirements, etc.)

Love & Liberty,
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