California LP Counties' Candidate Support YOU!


I would like to hold a party at my house to enjoy each others company and to prepare letters to get ballot signitures. I have been told that other counties have had great success with the list from the last off election.

I propose Next Sunday afternoon and evening between 2 and 8, Please feel free to drop in if only for a while. I will prepare the lists, and get all the stationary and stamps, food and drink.

Let me know if you can make it. (or give me other times that you can, such as saturday.).

I can arrange for rides up the hill for those who can't drive or walk up it. There is ususually ample parking on the weekend afternoons. The J Church stops only 1.5 blocks away and the Castro station is only 3blocks.

557 Sanchez between 18 and 19th .

Be there or be square.



Please let me know if you can come by return email.


  Sounds great! I'm supposed to have a sex worker conference call at 4pm, but should be able to come over. Are you envisioning us collaboratively drafting the text of a letter in a casual atmosphere and time frame? I like that idea.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Phil,

Great you are doing this. Payroll service providers like me do not go anywhere during January; we just print Forms W-2. But, I promise I will help after January 31.


Starchild, I think that the letter should be prepared and written ahead of time so that we can get the stuffing and addressing done and hand addressed.

The candidate is open for suggestions.

Lets hear from you.

Oh, we have this subject on both lists, and I had responded on the Activist List.