California Budget Crisis Need Not Have Happened

Dear All;

I have written op-eds for the Libertarian
Perspective which have been published
in various semi-MSM throughout California
on how to solve the budget problems. But
alas and alack the recommendations have
been ignored.


California's latest reported budget deficit
of $28 billion over the next two years is
malignant cancer of unchecked massive
redistribution of workers wages stolen
by Sacramento's Robbing Hoods. The
same workers in turn receive little or
no benefit from their earnings forcibly
taken from them. Sacramento must
cut taxes and spending as a necessity
for the state's fundamental well-being.

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Ring The Bell


California could reduce its $20 billion
budget deficit without increasing taxes
or finding new sources of revenue.
We could make many agencies and
commissions self-supporting through
user fees and eliminate useless agencies
and commissions altogether. Still another
approach would be to compare the
services an agency or commission
provides and determine whether the
same service is being offered by a private company.
California Smackdown 2008-2009


The federal government takes $300
billion from Californians in personal income,
payroll, and corporate taxes. The state
takes $145 billion in taxes. California's
478 cities and 58 counties take another
$300 billion in taxes. This ugly $750
billion tax warthog can be substantially
trimmed through privatization, free
market enterprise, and user fees, or
unnecessary services can be done
away with completely.

The $750 Billion Warthog - And Just as Ugly

Last but not least a Free Nation-State of
California rid of the federal government
and its tax mandates and laws and
regulations. With a newly wrtitten nation-state
constitution using nothing but Libertarian
principles as its guideline. Yeah I know
Mr. Dreamworld. But ya gotta have dreams.

California The Golden Bear Nation State

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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