Calif. alert: Ask Gov. Schwarzenegger to sign medical marijuana bill!

Dear Dr. Mike;
How do you mean a violation of individual rights?
The bill is written so a pot smoker who has a medical marijauna card with a doctors prescription can't be fired out right for failing a drug test. There are some exceptions for positions where someone who was impaired would not be allowed to operate machinery driving and so on on.
Medical marijuana use would be allowed in jails and prisons for those who have the prescription and marijuna ID card. Which would be a problem for jailers.
The business concerns would seem to be realistically about the liability which could be incurred if an empoyee became injured while toking on the job or another employee became injured by an impaired medical marijuana smoker.
It is overly broad in the nature of the right to sue the employer and recover penalties and legal fees for firing an employee who failed a marijuana drug test.
Rather than concentrating on the rights of the medical marijuana user it would be simpler to legalize all personalize marijuana usage trhen there would be no concerns about whether or not the pot smoking was legal or not or medically qualified and so on.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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