[CALibs] Wayne Allyn Root promoting himself rather than libertarianism


  There's nothing dishonorable about failing at a business, and I admire Wayne for his resilience too. He's not without admirable qualities. That's not the issue here -- although the LP should probably be wary of someone with a long record of business failure telling us he wants to be our "CEO", all other considerations about the person aside. But there is something wrong, imho, with telling people you're the "greatest sports prognosticator in the world" when it obviously isn't true and you're just saying it get people to pay attention to you. There is something wrong, imho, with "telling readers that 'thinking like a Republican', taking risks and cutting throats, (is) the surest path to success." There is something wrong, imho, with thinking that a background as, basically, a professional bullshitter, is the "PERFECT preparation for politics."

  Maybe not, if you are seeking to rise in the political establishment. Maybe all these things are assets. But Libertarians should be about honesty and integrity, not ruthlessly conning people. If someone has a history of conning people, and they come along and tell you that your issues are their issues, and they want to be your spokesperson, leader, promising all kinds of success, etc., I say watch out. But if you're not convinced, you're not. I don't really feel like spending a bunch more time arguing about it right now. As I said to Matt, I guess we'll just see what happens.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear All;

My concerns are that having seen some of his FB posts attempting to conflate
Libertarians and Libertarianism and the Reagan message I have grave concerns.

While Reagan was the " Great Communicator" when he started office the federal
budget was $650 billion when he left it was $1.1 trillion. That is a healthy
$360 billion dump on the taxpayers backs.

That is not my idea of why Libertarians should be more like Reagan.

If Wayne Allen Root wants Libertarians to be more like Reagan then I suggest he
drop the act and return to the Republican Party where I am sure Newt Gingrich
and Bob Barr will welcome him with open arms.

Yes Bob Barr claims to be a Libertarian and anyone who believes that - well the
check is in the mail...

Ron Getty