[CALibs] Feds threaten prosecution of city officials who allow medical cannabis dispensaries

Dear Starchild And All Others;

It goes back to the old saying: The States formed the Federal Governmment it wasn't the other way around.

On the US Supremes ruling in the medical cannabis case of Raich it used a 1930's ruling on a wheat farmer who "could" have sold his wheat out of state but didn't. Bad Ruling Bad Precedent.

On the US Attorney implying a threat to local politicians who approve cannabis dispensaries as aiding and abetting - if I had been there I would have been arrested for punching the s - o - b in the nose and kicking his ass.

If I were Mayor of SF I couldn't wait to confront a raid on a medical cannabis facility by the federales to have them arrested for trespassing breaking and entry and destruction of private property and felony grand theft.

Once upon a time consideration was given for an amendment to the US Constitution to provide if a 2/3rds majority of the states disagreed with a US Supreme decision they could overide it.

Finally terming out federal judges on a rotating basis including the US Supremes is also not a bad idea as the reasons for lifetime appointment bull crap is just that - bull crap.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian