[cal-libs] SF Examiner Runs My Anti-Obamacare LTE With Affiliation

Dear Mark;

I re-wrote your LTE with some editorial changes.
Let me know if it still make the point you wanted
made. See it below.

; -) :slight_smile: :-0

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Dear Letters;

I keep reading how people complain about the
un-affordability of health care and begging the
government to fix it for them. I'm mystified by
their apparent reasoning.

Today people can't afford healthcare costs. How
can they afford their healthcare costs plus their
“fair share” payment to pay for 40 million uninsured?
Topping this is the government healthcare system
run through a Rube Goldberg hybrid of the USPS
and the DMV.

California "fixed" the problems with earthquake
insurance and my premium went from $300 to
$1100 and the deductible went up $20,000.

Why do people expect the government takeover
of health care insurance to work better? The
only thing the government "fixes" is a path to
your bank account.

Mark Slagle
Over Taxed Taxpayer