[cal-libs] Root: Why GM is Doomed to Fail

Dear Everyone;

Tell Wayne Allyn Root to simplify his message
and just quote John Lennon. Yes - that John
Lennon, entreprenuer extraordinaire that he
was as he said quite bluntly and plainly,

"Everything the government touches turns to shit."

That's all you need to know and remember
because it's the truth in a real simple teeny
tiny itsy bitsy pink yellow polka dotted nutshell. :slight_smile:

Of course the other thing I will always remember
about John Lennon other than the songs he wrote,
he was the Numero Uno songwriter for the Beetles,
despite what Sir John says, is the terrible joke
which made the rounds and could still make the rounds.

Why are Ethiopians and Yoko Ono the same?

They both live on dead Beetles. :slight_smile:

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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