[cal-libs] FREE NRA Memberships! No, really.

Dear Everyone And More For LPSF;

While the approach is noteworthy the NRA
does have draw backs on the legislators
and issues it supports and an excomm
which makes decisions by committee instead
of by forceful leadership. It also gets in bed
to often with legislators in designing gun laws
to protect gun rights which don't do nothing
of the sort. Way too much kowtowing.

If the NRA was operating on all cylinders
Ron Paul would have been the endorsed
candidate instead of McCain. Secondly the
NRA if truly an organization against gun
laws would vigorously fight any legislation
of any kind to limit the rights of gun owners.

The simple fact is gun laws only effect decent
law abiding citizens and makes them unarmed
victims. Criminals could care less.

The 2nd Amenment was written so citizens
could be armed to protect themselves from
the government and rebel against the
government and overthrow the government
just like the Founding Fathers had to do.
If the trend continues we will have to do
the same once again to get back our
liberties and our freedom and independence
from The State.

Obama and Holder and various other Wash DC
legislators can hardly wait to take away our rights
to defend ourselves and make us totally dependent
on the State for our protection. But what is left out
is who is going to protect us from the State when
we are disarmed by the State?

All the recent news reports about the gun
crime murders are way too coincidental and way
too convenient so they can be used as an excuse for
draconian laws coming out of Washington to take
away the right to defend yourself as you see fit.

This means against all gun carriers - criminal
or cop or military.

What would you rather have - being tried
by twelve or carried by six?

You do not need the states permission to
defend yourself and your family at any
time or at any place under any condition.

Unfortunately the NRA does not have
this as its mission statement.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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