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Please note that this offer is for membership to the national LP, and
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Ron Getty wrote:


  Apparently the Libertarian National Committee has voted to restore
Lee Wrights to the seat from which he was never legally removed. Mark
Hinkle, the LNC rep for California, just sent me this info:


In case you hadn't heard............Mark Hinkle

Subject: [Lnc-discuss] Lee Wrights returned to the LNC
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 14:21:04 -0500
From: Bob Sullentrup <rwsully@att.net>
To: 'LNC Discussion' <LNC-Discuss@hq.lp.org>

Final vote 12=0

Bill Redpath
Michael Jingozian
Bob Sullentrup
Michael Colley
Pat Dixon
Mary Ruwart
Tony Ryan
Mark Hinkle
Stewart Flood
James Lark
Julie Fox
Rachel Hawkridge

<stuff deleted concerning access to LNC lists>

  Reading between the lines, those who did NOT vote to allow Lee
Wrights back on the LNC, but apparently lacked the chutzpah to vote
against it, were:

Aaron Starr (Treasurer) [also past chair of California LP who along
with others used a similar underhanded technicality to try to remove
Southern Vice Chair Mark Selzer from his post]
Alicia Mattson (At-large Rep.) [also chair of the 2008 Platform
Committee which failed to restore the platform that was gutted in 2006]
Rebecca Sink-Burris (Region 3 Rep. - Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana)
Dan Karlan (Region 5-North Rep. - Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont) [also chair of the Bylaws

  I hope this vote will not stop the Judicial Committee from issuing a
definitive ruling to help deter this kind of B.S. from being pulled in
the future. As you probably know, JC Chair Ruth Bennett posted the
following message stating that the consensus of her committee is that
there was no legal basis for Lee Wrights' removal:

> This statement was just released by the LP JudComm:
> The consensus of the Judicial Committee is that there is no
> automatic removal or suspension of Libertarian National Committee
> members under Bylaws Article 8, section 4. The ability to remove or
> suspend an At-large member must either be done for cause under
> Article 8, section 5, paragraph 1, with a 2/3 vote of the entire
> Committee or automatically under Article 8, section 5, paragraph 3.
> Our consensus is that Mr. Wrights is still a member of the National
> Committee. We understand that mail ballots are taking place
> regarding this issue. Our further action is dependent on the
> of these ballots.
> Ruth E. Bennett
> Chair
> Judicial Committee

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