Cable Access show


Please let me know where I should bring the tapes I have. I will do one
last exchange at Accessf before I leave, but someone will need to get more
tapes from Phil and keep this going on a monthly basis. They still aren't
accepting DVDs as of now.

The rules at Accessf have changed over this summer. Be aware of these
policy changes in particular:

   - Tapes must be delivered at least 1 week in advance of schedule
   - Maximum number of tapes they will hold is 4.
   - Late deliveries and repeated shows result in a demerit.
   - 4 demerits in any six month period will result in cancellation.

They also have new rules for marking the tapes with start and stop times,
however, because our tapes are a legacy format that they must manually
transfer prior to airing anyway, I was told that we are exempt. We need
only label the tapes with the name of the show and the date we want them
aired. I do this at the site using their calendar and labels.