CA Supreme Court Halts Same Sex Marriage Licenses - Will We Roll Over?


I agree with Starchild. It is right--and heroic--to defy bad laws.

To be persuaded, please read Henry David Thoreau's powerful and
delightful essay, "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience."

Best, Michael

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I agree with Starchild. It is right--and heroic--to defy bad laws.

I agree as well.

The problem here is that there isn't actually a law against people getting
married to each other. There is (or may be) a law against the government
certifying those marriages. But there is a conflation between people
(Gavin Newsom, Mabel Teng, Dennis Herrera) and government agents (Mayor,
Assessor-Recorder, City Attorney) that makes the civil disobedience angle

People should definitely defy bad laws.

Should the *government* defy laws its agents feel are bad? My gut instinct
is "yes, if I agree with the agents." But should, for example, the DEA
ignore laws its agents feel impede speedy conviction of evil drug dealers?

I think I prefer that government agents - in their capacity as government
agents - abide by the laws. Newsom and Herrera, as Mayor and City
Attorney, came to the legal conclusion that Prop. 22 is not, in fact, a
valid law, and proceeded accordingly. I think they should continue to
operate within the law and suspend (not stop) the same-sex marriages until
the court reaches its decision.

While it's true that "the law is an ass", it's also the only thing that the
force monopolists acknowledge as reining in their behavior. I think it's
good for them to continue believing that it governs them.

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Chris Maden, Libertarian for California State Assembly
District 12, San Francisco, 2004
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